100 Degrees

What a week! Last week was busy. First, we were having a new roof put on our house. So working from home and listening to the banging, clanging, pounding all day and all week was not what I’d call fun. Plus Portland got another heat wave. This time, 100 degrees several days in a row! Ouch. Too hot for me. But at least a few weeks ago we got a new AC, furnace and water heater installed!

Michael’s dad came to visit from Texas and he did not mind the weather. 😉

Thursday after work we went to the Happy Valley food carts for dinner. It was 100 degrees out but we remembered they had an indoor beer garden and we kind of wondered if it would have AC…spoiler alert, it did not have AC. 🙁 It was so so hot! A little too hot for my little guy so we didn’t stay long.

The last (and first) time we were at the Happy Valley food cart station was the weekend before Logan arrived! I was bummed when we arrived this time and the food cart I tried last time was gone. It was SO GOOD and I was planning on getting it again.


Michael and I both got dinner from the E-San Thai cart. I got the Pad Prik Khing with tofu. It was good and spicy but nothing amazing. I’ve had better dishes at the E-San food cart that is downtown.




I usually don’t choose tofu but I enjoyed it with the veggies. And of course, my beloved Boneyard IPA:


I ate about half of my dinner and saved the rest for leftovers. Then we headed home to our air conditioned home! The beer garden was cool and they had a TON of really good beers and ciders on tap. I would have liked to hang around longer and check it out but it was not the day to do that. We’ll go back another time when the weather is a little more pleasant.

Saturday we had planned on going to Hood River for the day but since it was going to be 102 degrees we decided against it. It was just too hot for the baby. So we went out to breakfast to Sckavone’s instead. At 9:30am it was 80 degrees but really pleasant in the shade so we sat outside to enjoy the summer morning.


I got a DELICIOUS iced coffee that really hit the spot (although I could have used a second one honestly). The three of us ended up getting the same thing for breakfast — the chorizo breakfast bowl. It was black beans, chorizo sausage, scrambled eggs, avocado, pico de gallo, and sour cream.


It was really tasty and filling. We enjoyed our breakfast outside and then headed home where I went to the gym and the guys watched the Olympics in our air conditioned house.

Saturday we went to an early dinner at Jake’s. It’s a favorite of Michael’s and his dad’s. We went early to avoid the crowds since we were taking Logan with us. First time going to a “real” restaurant (as in, not a kid-friendly restaurant). We figured he’d be ok because most of the time when we take him to restaurants he either sleeps through the whole thing or there’s so much going on around that he’s quiet and just looks around. And he did really well this time, although he was a little more vocal and active this time (of course, right?) but at least he didn’t cry or make noise.

We shared the calamari appetizer (sorry the photo was blurry, I was feeding Logan a bottle while we ate it). And I got a glass of the Malbec. For dinner Michael got the salmon with green beans and potatoes; his dad got the blackened rockfish with zucchini; and here was mine:


I went “light” and got the house salad with blue cheese and candied walnuts and a cup of the Dungeness Crab bisque (with crab sprinkled on top). It was all very delicious! I’m glad I got the small cup of the bisque, though, because it was VERY rich. I don’t know that I could have eaten more of it.


Someone was getting a little antsy so I scarfed down the rest of my salad and then took him out of the carseat while the guys finished their dinners.



He was super fascinated by the paper on the table. We skipped dessert and headed home after that. It was definitely time to get out of there. Overall he did great and didn’t make much noise but it was kind of stressful being at a restaurant that wasn’t fast food with a baby!

Pine State

My physical therapy appointment last week went really well. My therapist said that my quad strength and IT Band flexibility was a +4 out of 5! Woohoo! Sounds good to me, right? I asked him about the snowshoeing and he said that I needed to start doing squats on the bosu ball, as well as a few other exercises, to get prepared for snowshoeing. He seemed positive about it happening, which made me feel hopeful. All this time I’ve been wondering if I’d be able to do it ever again.

At the gym on Saturday I added two of the exercises he asked me to do. I hadn’t done squats in at least four months so I went easy the first day. I didn’t want to do too much too soon. I have one month to get ready for snowshoeing! I also ran another mile on the treadmill. This time was just okay–I had to walk a little mid-mile because my left knee was bothering me a bit. The knee pain wasn’t too bad and it didn’t last, so that’s good I guess.

I had a quick lunch of leftovers at home and then Michael and I went to BikeCraft. It’s the first time we’ve been but we’ve wanted to go for a few years and things always got in the way. Bikecraft was at a cool studio in NE Portland with tons of crafty people selling their things for the weekend. I was just going for fun, but Michael was on the lookout for a small bag to hold his electronics in his messenger bag–kind of like those tool rolls you can get for cycling tools.

Had the weather not been so ugly, we could have ridden our bikes–tons of people did, which was cool. While Michael is okay with riding in the rain, I am so not interested. Yes, I am a fair-weather cyclist and I’m ok with that!

It was fun looking at all the crafts. Some of them were really extraordinary, some were beautiful art that was outside of my budget, and some was clearly amateur-craft. It was a cool event and I hope we can go again next year. I saw lots of cool gift ideas. Michael found his gear bag that he wanted and also ended up buying a seat cover made of gortex so he doesn’t have to use plastic bags anymore. I ended up getting a t-shirt and a necklace with the same bicycle design as the plates below:

My good weekend continued with some quality (if not short) time spent with my brother! Andy was in town with his wife for her sister’s wedding over the weekend. Because of their wedding festivities, the only time I got to see my brother was for breakfast the morning of their flight home to Philly.

It was so good to see him and spend some time together since we don’t get to see each other too often.

We went to Pine State Biscuits. It’s one of those “we must go there someday” restaurants because it’s such a popular place, but we’ve never been because of the notoriously long wait. I’m not really willing to stand in line for a restaurant for more than maybe 30 minutes and there are too many Portland hipster places that are least an hour wait (ahem, Pok Pok, Tasty n’ Sons, Toro Bravo, Broder, Screen Door….to name a few).

I got some time off at work on Monday so that I could go out to breakfast with Andy and I figured that was the perfect time to try Pine State! The four of us went to the one on SE Belmont and thankfully there was no line.

I ordered their biscuit breakfast sandwich–egg, cheese, sausage patty between their famous biscuits. The biscuits were flaky and light and tasted like butter and reminded me of Texas for some reason. The egg and cheese part were ok and the sausage patty had a little zip to it.

My sister-in-law got the biscuits and gravy and said it was amazing. I was glad we got to catch up AND try a restaurant that had been on our list for a long time. What did I think of Pine State? It was good but not “wait for an hour” good.

The restaurant was also small and didn’t have very many tables so we were sitting at the bar. After we were done eating we ended up going to some divey hotel restaurant near the airport to get coffee and just hang out for an hour until they needed to be dropped off for their flight. It was a much better environment to chit chat in! My brother is receiving his master’s degree in history next week and we talked about their lives in Philly. Finally, it was time to go and we dropped them off before going into work. It was such a nice weekend. 🙂

QUESTION: How long are you willing to stand in line for a restaurant?