Bottomless Pit

Wednesday morning I had an early appointment before work. The plan was to head to the gym before my appointment, then I realized last week my membership was expiring. I decided to go anyway and see if I could work out despite it being lapsed. At the very least ask the salesperson trying to get me to sign up if I could have one more morning to workout before “making a decision” on the gym membership (snicker).

I got up early, had a snack (English Muffin) and headed to the gym. When I got to the gym there was no one at the counter where I checked in and no salespeople lurking in the sales area. I saw the usual counter girl, whom I really like and chat with, helping some other people. She said “Hi Lisa!” and waved. I waved back and decided–hey, no one at the counter……why not?? Sure it was sneaky. Technically I wasn’t a member anymore. But…..yeah, I don’t feel guilty.

First up: treadmill. I haven’t run since last Saturday when my run was cut short with a calf cramp. The cramp had gone away–I was able to swim on Sunday and bike 24 miles on Monday with no issues. I thought I was okay by Wednesday. I started slow and felt okay.

I got sucked into an episode of Supernatural (yum yum) and was enjoying the empty gym in the early morning hours. Then about 3/4 into my first mile my right calf started to cramp AGAIN. UGH. I slowed to a walk for about a minute then decided to try and run through the cramp. It was my last chance to use the gym and I was just tired of this cramping business.

I was able to run it out and finish my run but my leg still feels cramped up. I have no idea what is causing it. I foam roll, I eat healthy, drink water, stretch….what’s up?? Runners: give me advice!

Run Stats:
Time: 50 minutes
Distance: 3.75 miles

Not a bad distance despite my calf discomfort. I really wish this cramp would knock it off already. If I’m going gym-free for awhile I’ll be spending more time running.

After my run I limped down the stairs to the weight room and did my last weight session at the gym. Sad face. Felt sad. Sure I can buy some free weights to do at home but it’s just not the same.

I spent a good amount of time using the plated weight machines for chest and back since I won’t have access to them. Then I finished up with the free weights. I’ve noticed that I’ve lost a LOT of my strength since taking a month off from weight lifting.

Finally, I spent some time doing some ab work and then did a LOT of stretching. I ended my workout with the foam roller–paying extra attention to my stupid calf muscles. Ugh.

Gym Stats:
Time: 1:33
Calories Burned: 778

I hurried home to shower and eat before my appointment. I put on some muscle rub to see if that would help my calf.

For breakfast I scrambled 2 eggs with chopping red onion, 1 slice of ham chopped and topped with salsa, sour cream and beans. It was a big breakfast but exactly what I needed after a killer workout.

I was hungry in an hour.

Whenever I work out in the morning before work, I am a total bottomless pit the rest of the day. It doesn’t matter if I bring enough food to work to eat throughout the day, or if I eat good, filling foods–I am still starving.

I had leftover pizza for lunch (mmm carbs) and was still hungry. Ate a hard boiled egg as a snack. That took the edge off, then I was hungry again. Stupid hunger!

QUESTION: What’s the deal with my calf cramping?

Ouch My Ovaries

Last night’s run was good–despite being back on the treadmill. I already missed running in the desert and felt a little grumpy about having to be back in the gym. It was the reminder that vacation was over.

I warmed up on the treadmill at a faster pace than normal because I saw that I could run at my old pre-injury pace in Arizona. I was determined to continue trying to run faster since it clearly doesn’t hurt!

Then my ovaries hurt. It was a cramping on my left side that made it difficult to run. The first mile was miserable because of the cramp. I used to get them once in awhile when I was running a lot. I asked my doctor about it last summer because it was bothering me more often. She said unfortunately that happens to women sometimes because our girl parts kind of move around a bit when we run. Seriously? As if getting a period each month wasn’t bad enough now we have to deal with our parts bouncing around? Ugh. Curses!

I thought I might have to quit running and walk for a bit but after about a mile the cramp disappeared. I was able to increase the treadmill to Speed 5 –my old “warm-up” speed! Yay for healing!

Great run:

After I walked a bit on the treadmill, I headed to the weights. Ouch! A week off from weight lifting = SORE. I had to reduce the amount of weight I used on several machines, which was disappointing because I had made such great gains.

I spent about 30 minutes or so lifting weights, enjoying good music, and then spent 15 minutes stretching.

Gym Stats:

Time: 1:21

Calories Burned: 693

When I got home from the gym Michael was making dinner: blackened salmon and steamed veggies.

It’s been a long time since we had our old standby dinner! I missed salmon. We certainly didn’t eat any seafood in Arizona (why would we? That’s weird!).

There wasn’t enough broccoli for two so he mixed in some frozen green beans too. It was a good combo. I added Goddess Dressing to my veggies and poured a glass of wine.

I prefer the Chateau Ste. Michelle Dry Riesling but this one was almost as good. It went well with the salmon.

I’ve decided to get back to my old edict: EITHER dessert OR wine but not both. That’s a lot of sugar and I’ve fallen out of the “either or” habit indulging in BOTH. Not good.

So for my dessert I had strawberries with my Riesling.

It was a yummy dessert! We watched Top Chef. I am excited about the finale next week but sad that it’s ending. It’s probably my favorite TV show. I’m glad that Richard is in the finale. I hope he wins.

Fat Kitty decided he liked my strawberries. I wouldn’t let him eat them (not sure if they are okay for kitties) but I let him sniff them. He seemed enthralled. Goof ball! But boy did I miss that little fur-monster while I was on vacation!

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QUESTION: Are you watching Top Chef? Who do you want to win? And do you ever get side cramps when you run?