Spring is Here!

On Saturday it seemed like Spring was finally here! It was sunny and warm out! Which was nice because it’s been a particularly rainy (and snowy!!) winter here in Oregon –just on Friday it was hailing!

We’ve done this hike once before. And just like that first time, we had a hard time finding the trailhead. (Here is the hike info:Β Gresham Butte-Butler Creek Hike.) This time we somehow found the OTHER trailhead for this hike.

I took a photo of the street sign so we could remember where this trailhead is.

From the entrance we started going up hill pretty quickly. It was slow and steady, nothing too crazy. It definitely got my heart pumping though!

It was probably about 60-65 degrees out and the sun felt so wonderful! Logan was loving it, Bella was happy to be outside. I was feeling pretty good physically, even though the hills were a challenge. Slow and steady.

We got to the top of the massive hill and stopped for lunch. Seriously, the hill was so steep! I wish the photos did it justice.

I packed us low-carb lunches. Michael had a low-carb wrap and I skipped the wrap and just did my meat and cheese wrap with hummus and carrots, olives and strawberries. It was a good and filling lunch (but after the hike I kind of crashed).

Logan got a bottle and then we let him run around a bit. I posted a video on Instagram if you’re interested.

Bella was so happy to be out in the woods! (So were we.)

After lunch we hit the trail again. It was a steep down hill hike.

We saw the creepy old school bus in the woods!

I knew we were both going to feel this hike the next day because of the downhill part! My glutes were really firing as we descended!

Logan fell asleep about 5 minutes before the end of the trail:

Here are my calories and stats for the hike:

The hike was “short” (we could have made it longer) but it was a workout! Look at our elevation and my heart rate:

It was a really nice workout outside in the sunshine for a change! Logan slept the whole way home and Michael successfully transferred him to his crib without waking him up. I gave Bella a bath because she was caked in mud from the hike!

And that’s about when I crashed. I just didn’t have enough carbs (and maybe fat too?) for the hike. This was the first time since starting my diet that I crashed after a workout. I had some peanut M&M’s, a glass of milk and waited to see if that helped. Not quite. So I had some caffeine (diet soda) and 3 ritz crackers with peanut butter on them. I took a short nap and then felt a whole lot better. I’m a bit disappointed in the bonk, but….live and learn.

To wrap up this post I’d like to share a few Easter photos because Logan looks adorable. πŸ™‚

Happy spring!

Why I Dislike Fitness Classes

The biggest reason why I dislike fitness classes is the schedule. It’s usually too difficult for me to get to the classes in time. It tends to add extra stress and anxiety in my life that I just don’t need.


On Thursday I planned on going to another Spin Class. I’d tried to do it since the first time I went and the schedule just never worked for me. I was getting off work Thursday with enough time to get to the gym for the class–if there weren’t riots in the street downtown.


I had 1 hour to take a bus out of downtown, get to my car and drive across town to the gym to make it to Spin. Normally that would be enough time. But it was kind of like a war zone in downtown Portland yesterday. Streets were beingΒ diverted by motorcycle cops, news crews were everywhere, there were tons of people marching and the groups were splintering off. The MAX and bus service was massively delayed and they weren’t allowing people intoΒ downtown.

I ended up bus-hopping and finally walked to just get out of downtown. I had doubts that I would ever make the class. I finally got to the my car after over 30 minutes (usually it takes 15). The traffic was pretty light on the eastside so I made it to the gym with 5 minutes to change!

The routine was different this time. I liked it! It was a routine of hill climbs that was a bit different than the last routine with hill intervals. This time we spent about 8 seconds in the saddle on the climb, then standing for 8 seconds, then back in the saddle and so on. Just when you got comfortable in one position you were hopping up and sitting down again. It was a sweat-inducing, intense workout.

I was so glad I made it to the class! My thighs were burning from the hills (but I’ve yet to be sore the day after a Spin Class–maybe I need to push myself more?). After class I headed home and made a VERY quick dinner I wanted to share here.

Fastest Tortilla Soup Ever

from Spark People

Servings: 10 Β  | Β  Calories: 141


1 can Fat Free Refried Beans

1 Can Chicken Broth

1 Can Corn

1 Can Black Beans (rinsed)

1 Can Diced Tomatoes (Rotel with Chilies)


Rinse the black beans and pour everything into a pot. Cook until refried beans are no longer thick and the soup is hot.

Variations: Add chicken, chopped onion, taco mix, lime juice.


Seriously–the fastest dinner I’ve ever made. It was the perfect dinner for after the gym. I got home and Michael was on the bike trainer finishing his workout. Another reason I liked this recipe: I was able to clean out 4 cans from the pantry!

It didn’t take long at all to make this soup. I added some taco seasoning to the pot but not too much since I wasn’t sure how the seasoning would change the flavors.

I wanted to turn the soup into a tortilla soup but realized we were out of chips (boo). So I toasted us some bagel thins to go with the soup.

I topped the soup with some shredded cheese and dinner was served!

Michael liked the dinner a lot (always a bonus when the partner comments dinner is great!). I would definitely make this again and I’d add some chicken and crushed up tortilla chips.

QUESTION: How do you fit in fitness classes? What’s your favorite “quick” dinner?