icy hot

Recovery Run…Er, Jog, Um, Walk…

Last Saturday’s intense weight session in combination with two hours of yard work left me a limping, crippled mess for several days. Monday was brutal. I was slow and walking in an awkward way. So awkwardly that coworkers were asking me what’s up. Oh and did I mentioned I had Icy Hot Patches on my thighs? Yeah, fun times.

Monday night, exhausted and ready to sleep for a week, I took a muscle relaxer and slept like a rock. I woke up able to walk! Thank the Goddess! No longer limping, I decided I’d try a recovery jog/walk/run…whatever I could do…at the gym Tuesday night. I needed to work out some of the stiffness and soreness.

How to Treat Sore Muscles

  • Rest. No brainer. I took Monday as a rest day from working out.
  • Ice. Did not ice. But if I was going to ice, I would have done it immediately after working out on Saturday–not days later. But that’s just me.
  • Heat. I’ve been using my heating pad on my sore muscles because it feels sooo good.
  • Massage. Can’t afford it right now because I’m saving some money for a surprise anniversary trip next week.
  • Stretching. It does help. Maybe a yoga class would have been good…
  • Foam Rolling. Thighs are too sore right now to foam roll but soon I’ll be doing it vigorously!
  • Medications. I was drinking a ton of water, taking Advil and then the muscle relaxer. It does help.
  • Topical Creams. See: Icy Hot Patches. Yes, they smell. Yes, I smelled when I wore them. πŸ˜‰
  • Active Recovery. I did this. For me it’s swimming. Swimming helps loosen things up and relieves discomfort. Thankfully! Walking has also helped me loosen tight muscles.

Unfortunately it just takes time for the muscles to repair. I’ve been eating more protein in hopes that helps.

By the time I went to the gym Tuesday night my legs were feeling better. I took it easy on the treadmill. I jogged slowly to warm up (at 4.5 speed). Then I was able to run at 5.0. Then I took a few walking breaks.Β  It felt good to move. I did 3.75 miles total but didn’t get my heart rate up very high. That was okay–it was recovery!

I then did some weight lifting–no free weights this time. I did lighter plates than normal to give my body a break. Then I stretched it out like nobody’s business. It felt sooo good!

After lots and lots of stretching I used the Foam Roller of Death. MAN that hurt! I just did my hamstrings, quads and shins. There was no way my IT Bands could have handled the foam roller yet. I would have been screaming in agony in the middle of the gym!

The workout was decent but not great. I had low expectations honestly, so no biggie.

Gym Stats:

Time: 1:27

Calories Burned: 554

Dinner was simple and high in protein, thankfully. Sirloin steak, steamed broccoli with Goddess Dressing and leftover butternut squash.

I also had dessert. It was just one of those nights and I totally ate my emotions.

A slice of banana bread with some butter and fresh strawberries. Delicious!

I planned on biking into work today but woke up to rain, so that was cancelled. I was disappointed because I was ready to try my new shoes. I hope tonight after work I can fit in a quick ride to practice. I miss biking to work!

QUESTION: How to you recover from a really hard workout?


…And…I’m Still Limping

I realized on Monday how much of an ass-kicking I got on Saturday’s workout. I did:

30 squats (warm up)

30 jump squats (warm up)

30 medicine ball squats (warm up)

60 pull-ups with the band (60!!!!)

60 tire jumps/step-ups

60 squat/medicine ball tosses

60!!! 60 pull-ups? I’m amazed by that number. Truly amazed that I was able to do it–and even more amazed that my upper body is not sore at all.

All those squats sound devastating, don’t they? I can’t believe I did that. No wonder I’m still crippled! Monday morning I slapped on some of those heat patches on my thighs and then headed to work. I walked across the Hawthorne Bridge to work (about 1.9 miles) and I was stiff, sore and slow. The walk helped loosen me up a bit but sitting at work all day didn’t help much. I was hobbling and limping everywhere.

Monday was a Rest Day. Thankfully I had steak for dinner. I was really craving steak and I knew the protein would help me heal (should have eaten it Sunday honestly).

I made a really delicious marinade: Worcestershire,Β  Soy Sauce, Teriyaki sauce, salt, pepper, fresh thyme, freshly sliced garlic and a little onion powder. I baked Michael and I sweet potatoes brushed with Grape Seed Oil.


I weighed the sweet potatoes so I could accurately calculate the calories. There was a large potato and a smaller one.

The bigger one (Michael’s) was 250 grams, so a little bigger serving. Mine was 200 grams and that is 180 calories. That’s one of the things I love about sweet potatoes: less calories than a white potato.

I topped the sauteed asparagus with salt, pepper and fresh Parmesan. The steak was a very thin New York Strip. The marinade was fantastic and we loved the steaks.

I also had a glass of red wine. Michael’s stepbrother Doug had given us this bottle of wine for Christmas:

2007 Steltzner Claret. It was a lovely, bold red wine! But I restrained myself and only had one glass since it was a Rest Day (and I wanted to save room for cookies!).

Anyone else watching the new Top Chef Masters? I don’t like it as much as the regular show but it’s a good alternative to nothing until the new season starts. We watched the new episode and then I got ready for bed. Poor Michael had to endure the aromas of Icy Hot.

I slapped on an Icy Hot patch on both my thighs and crawled into bed. Don’t judge the super sexxxxy white socks. πŸ™‚

It worked wonders! I woke up Tuesday to much less pain and soreness. I’m going to try and walk it out some more today, maybe the bike will help.

My plan for the next few weeks: incorporate the moves Christian taught me at a smaller scale. I’ll start with 20 squats, then the following week 30, and so on. My hope is that by the next time I head over to his gym I’ll be a little more prepared (and perhaps less sore afterward).


QUESTION: Do you measure your food?