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I Had a Drinking Problem

I used to have a drinking problem.

I drank my calories. All. Day. Long.

If I had to make a list of the top three things that contributed to me gaining over 100 pounds it would be in this order:

  1. No Activity.
  2. Drinking My Calories.
  3. No Portion Control.

I’m going to describe a typical day of drinking in the old days. I’d wake up and I always had a big glass of orange juice with my breakfast (plus milk on my cereal).

I wasn’t having just a single serving either. I poured it into a big pint glass, which is probably two servings. Calories: 250.

I also drank a lot of the Lipton’s Sweetened Iced Tea. Like a lot. Maybe 3 a day? They were so sweet, I loved them. I sucked them down like they were water. 16 ounces was 140 calories x 3 = 420 calories.

I liked to get coffee in the morning on my way to work. But I wasn’t a huge fan of coffee itself so I loaded it with sugar. My favorite was a grande white chocolate mocha with caramel syrup and whipped cream.  Calories: 500 or so.

I drank a lot of soda too. On weekends I could drink  four a day. I usually had a soda with dinner. Dr. Pepper and Sprite were my favorites.

A can of Dr. Pepper is about 150 calories. Say I drank three in a day (sometimes one right after another). Calories: 450.

If was going out to a bar with friends, my drink of choice varied but it was often a strawberry daiquiri (with whipped cream of course) or a White Russian. Calories: 300.

And of course when you are at a bar with your friends, eating fried food and feeling good, you don’t just have one drink. Maybe two or three? Estimate that evening at over 1,000 calories just for the liquids. Have you noticed that I’m not drinking any water??

Another favorite was the Vitamin Water. Not real water, but sugar water. My favorite flavor was the dragonfruit. Calories: 150.

I haven’t even gotten to my snacking habits. I ate a lot of candy bars. Butterfingers and 5th Avenue bars were my absolute favorite. And you can’t enjoy chocolate without a big glass of cold milk. They went hand in hand for me.

I’d estimate the milk to be about 200 calories a glass.

That’s a lot of drinking! The above calories total 2, 270! No wonder I was developing diabetes! That’s more calories than what I currently EAT nowadays.

Boy have things changed. I started making small changes in the beginning. When I started counting my calories to stay under 2,000 a day I was shocked at how fast it added up when I drank my calories. I put an end to that.

  • I stopped drinking juice. Completely.
  • I switched to diet soda.
  • No more high calorie alcohol drinks.
  • No more coffee/candy drinks!

The changes I made worked. I saw a difference. I FELT a difference. I lost the weight!

How am I different now? I try to avoid any liquid that has calories. I prefer sparkling water or regular water. I drink unsweetened ice tea. Once in awhile I drink diet soda but not very often because I don’t like how it feels. The only time I ever drink juice now is when I am sick. I drink plain old black coffee with a little bit of creamer in it.

I do drink things with calories in them. I have a glass of milk with dessert on occasion but it’s not an every day thing. I drink wine. I drink beer. Again, in moderation and not everyday. Writing down all the calories I consumed in liquid form is pretty shocking to me. It’s hard to believe I did that for so long.

QUESTION: How many calories a day to you consume in drinks?

Confession is Good for the Soul

Confession: I ate 14 Peanut M&M’s at work yesterday and only counted 10 of them. For some reason in my mind those extra 4 I snagged at the end of the day “didn’t count.” I have no idea why I fudged it but I felt so guilty as the day progressed that I fixed the calories in my MyFitnessPal log to be accurate.

Confession: The soreness I experienced this week after Crossfit reminded me of the aftermath of Hood to Coast. And it made me really anxious about potential IT Band injury.

When I hopped on the treadmill at the gym last night I was nervous: would it hurt to run? Would I re-injure myself and have to start all over again? It didn’t turn out to be an issue, so that was good. My muscles were stiff and sore but I had no pain.

I ran about 3.5-3.7 miles on the treadmill at a steady pace. I’m not sure the exact mileage because half way through I switched machines so I could be next to my friend Robyn who joined me for the workout.

Confession: Doing the traditional weight machines after my Crossfit experience was kind of a bummer. I definitely didn’t feel like I was getting the same workout.

But I was able to do a bunch of pull-ups and chin-ups on a harder setting on the Gravitron machine! After Robyn and I got in a weight lifting session we stretched and parted ways.

Gym Stats:

Time: 1:18
Calories Burned: 655

Confession: I kinda wanted to just eat cheese and crackers for dinner last night. But I was “good” and ate healthy food instead. Michael and I ate salads as we cooked dinner together.

He blackened the salmon and I steamed veggies for me.

I steamed some cauliflower and broccoli and added Goddess Dressing.

It was the better choice than crackers and cheese for dinner. Or chips and salsa–that was my go-to dinner many times back in the day!

Confession: I miss the cooking Michael and I used to do together. We used to try new recipes all the time but lately we’ve been too busy, had a house guest and just got in a rut. I’m looking forward to doing it again soon.

Confession: We are going out to dinner tonight with Michael’s family to celebrate his birthday (belated) and I am hoping I can show restraint with the garlic bread! Yikes!

Confession: I took “Before” Photos of my stomach back in September before I started weight lifting with the intention of posting the “Before and After”…but I will probably never show those photos. I’m too self-conscious and I don’t see a change in that one area yet. 🙁

QUESTION: Do you want to confess something?