There Are No Place-Backs At The Gym

I was bummed I was skipping Christian’s Crossfit class Tuesday night. I was too dang sore. He tried to convince me to at least come and watch but I didn’t want to just watch–I wanted to participate! I decided to postpone going and instead hobble to the gym and see if a run could work out the sore hammies.

I’m doing an experiment this week with Bagel Thins as a pre-workout snack. My thought is that the carbs will keep me full (and since it’s a Bagel Thin it’s only 110 calories plus the cream cheese–so in the end it’s about the same calorie-wise as the Greek yogurt).

I took one bite out of the bagel and then proceeded to drop it. Dang it! I sighed, threw it away and ate the other half. I hoped it would be filling enough. I found a treadmill at the gym and was happy that my hamstrings loosened up enough to run pain-free.

I’ve been noticing lately the lack of respect in fellow gym-goers (at least at my gym). It baffles me that people can be so self-absorbed and oblivious to just common courtesy. For example, Sunday after my swim I listened to a lady hawking up loogies in the shower and spitting them out. Are you kidding me?? I was holding back the urge to gag at her disgusting behavior. Vile Sub-Human!

Then there’s the guys that wear too much cologne and sweat it all out. And my biggest pet peeve are the people that never wipe down the machines after sweating all over them! Foul!


My new pet peeve is the people that hog the treadmills and then leave for several minutes leaving all their stuff on the machines. Last night the girl next to me did this twice and she was gone for over 5 minutes each time. Three people came up to use the machine and asked “Is someone using this?” I just shrugged because I had no idea. FYI gym goers: There’s no Place-Backs! Give up the machine, do other things, and then come back later and find a machine that’s open. It’s just polite.

End Rant.

I ran some extra mileage on the treadmill. My hamstrings properly loosened, I did my weight routine and stretching and called it a day.

Gym Stats:

Time: 1:23
Calories Burned: 664

When I got home, Michael was making steak for dinner. I prepped the last of the broccolini and asparagus to steam.

Baked sweet potatoes too. I ate half of a large sweet potato.

It was a good dinner but I found myself craving comfort food for some reason. Specifically the pizza Michael made on Sunday night.

Mmmm! The rest of my evening was spent with Icy Hot.

I’m ready for these suckers to stop being sore! πŸ™

QUESTION: Do you follow gym etiquette? What is your biggest gym pet peeve?


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  1. That is super annoying. When I had to do my 10-miler on the treadmill during marathon training I did leave once to go to the bathroom and left all my stuff on it, but I was gone maybe 2 minutes tops. Leaving for 5 minutes or more, ESPECIALLY more than once, is just obnoxious!

    1. I totally understand if you have a sudden emergency during a long training session but….this chick was walking (strolling) on the treadmill. Pretty sure she wasn’t training for a half marathon. LOL

  2. I have plenty:
    -annoying dude who jump from one weight machine to another doing only one set and sweating profusely and not wiping it down.
    -high maintenance chick who is listening to her ipod and texting while using the elliptical
    -people who read while on the treadmill. I don’t get it. Do one or the other-not both.

    I am still intimidated but the weight room since I will be starting NROLFW (new rules of lifting for women) in a few weeks and it is all meatheads. I might ask a trainer for some help in this area.

  3. First, I checked Hallmark and they do NOT have a condolence card for dropping half a bagel on the floor. So I made you a card:

    Bummed about your bouncing bagel . . .
    But glad you got in the swing
    and worked your body into a sweat
    even though you could not eat the “HOLE” thing!

    Love, Jane

    Now on to Gym PP:

    Guys who grunt and groan thru their weight lifting so audibly you KNOW it is for attention.

    Men who shake the sweat off their faces while running on the treadmill. Excuse me, you need to provide me with a bio hazard suit before you can work out next to me, dude. My dog shakes out less after a bath!


    1. I just snorted my coffee out of my nose!!!! LOL I love the poem. Thank you! And looking at the bright side, I discovered that eating half the bagel was sufficient for last night’s workout. πŸ˜‰

      Oh my god, thankfully I haven’t had the horror of seeing a guy shake his sweat like he’s a dog but I think if I did, I’d lose it in the gym and shame him at the top of my lungs!

  4. I admit I am a little bad…I regularly exceed the 30 minute limit on the machines (but not if there are people waiting!). I will leave my stuff on the elliptical to run to the bathroom if it is not crowded and there are other machines open. I do, however, have a pet peeve about people who do not sign up for their machines…if I am the one who is waiting, I would like to know when they are going to be done. Back when I used to lift weights, my biggest pet peeve EVER was people who did not re-rack their weights. There would be these HUGE plates and dumbbells and barbells just abandoned by big guys, and I would struggle to get them off so that I could use my wimpy weight levels (which I always put back when done). Also, what’s wrong with listening to music and reading on the elliptical? I listen/watch the TVS and read blogs on my phone, as it is the only way to get through mind numbing hours on the elliptical! I still get a good workout.

    1. There’s no time limited posted at my gym but I try not to spend an hour on a machine if there are people waiting (others don’t have that respect at my gym). If it’s really crowded I get in, work out, and get out!

      I’m with you on the re-wracking. When I try to use those machines with huge plates on them it makes me crazy because I don’t want to hurt myself trying to remove the muscle guy’s weights!

  5. I’m very conscious of gym etiquette. Unfortunately, not everyone at our gym is. My pet peeve is people just sitting or standing on a piece of equipment while they chit chat. I don’t mind at all if people talk, but someone else could be using that treadmill/weight bench/etc.

    1. That’s a big one at my gym. People sit with their friends on machines and gab but not use it….I have no problem asking if they are using it! Most of the time they realize they are being rude and move. It’s different if they are resting in between each set, or just sitting there gabbing…

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    1. I think my Polar HRM is a great tool for keeping fit. It’s changed my workouts a lot in positive ways. As for being accurate–I can’t guarantee that’s it’s more or less accurate than a Body Bugg or something else. But the plus is that Polar is inexpensive. Mine is $99 and I love it! It analyzes how many calories I burn based on sex, age and my heart rate.

  7. People carrying on extending conversations immediately next to me while I am trying to work out. Go somewhere else to socialize for an extended period of time. Same applies if you need to talk on your cell phone for a long time. Too bad they did away with phone booths when they did away with pay phones.

    Also, this morning, the gym music was so loud it blasted over my headphones. Are you kidding me? The gym has so thoughtully furnished an individual television on each machine…so please let the background music be just that – background music. If I wanted a rock concert, I would have gone to one.

  8. I HATE it when people don’t wipe down their machines. How discusting! At the last gym I was a member of I brought it to the attention of the receptionist (and the only staff member in sight) and she just shrugged. Grrrrr. I always wiped my machine down before and after!

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