Dot’s Cafe

Damned Date Night

Tuesday I woke up at my normal time and felt a whole lot better. The acupuncture and tens treatment I’d had Monday worked wonders. I had aΒ new-foundΒ love of acupuncture. Now I want to buy more Groupon and Living Social deals for acupuncture treatment and do it more often.

I had an appointment mid-morning so I headed to the gym before that. I hopped on the treadmill for a four mile run and felt great. My sacrum irritation that had been bugging me for a few days wasn’t present. My knees felt good. It was an all around good workout.Β Loving running again! Even if it IS on a treadmill! I followed up with free weights afterward. I wanted to skip the machines and just focus on my arms. I was doing so goodΒ before I took a break from lifting weights.

I decided to do a Nike Training Club workout for the arms–only 15 minutes but it was a good little workout.

I modified the medicine ball push-up and instead did regular push-ups. It was just more comfortable for me. Things that require a lot of balance aren’t my thing. πŸ˜‰ Just ask Michael.

It was a great sweat. I felt good getting my workout done early and having the rest of the day for appointments and then a work training. Β If you’re a fitness nut, how do you get in extra focus on a certain body part? Any websites or workouts you prefer for arms?

Time: 1:34
Calories Burned: 645
Distance Run: 4.41 milesΒ 

Tuesday evening Michael and I headed out for the Chuck Palahniuk reading and signing for his new book! It was held at the Bagdad Theatre. I’ve been a huge Chuck fan for years. The first book I ever read of his was Invisible Monsters and it was so different and so disturbing and moving that I fell in love with him as a writer. I devoured the rest of his books (except for Fight Club–haven’t read it yet and not sure I want to because I love the movie so much).

We got there thirty minutes before the doors opened and got in line so we’d get good seats. And we did get great seats, only a few rows from the front.

There was another writer there for the Q&A and I’m really interested in reading her book now too. It sounded like she was a great writer. They introduced Chuck and they did a Q&A first. It was hilarious! He was such a great speaker: entertaining, funny, offensive. The questions were from the Powell’s website and they varied from idiotic to funny.

Then Chuck read a short story that he wrote. I guess on his book tours he writes a new short story and reads it to the audience instead of reading an excerpt from the newest book.

The short story was funny, offensive and bizarre but he’s such a good writer and speaker it sucked me in immediately. Despite it’s offensive nature it had a sweet message at the end. Then they tossed out souvenirs to the crowd–a giant inflatable brain signed by Chuck (which Michael caught) and a giant inflatable skeleton (which I caught). We also got signed copies of his newest book, Damned. I can’t wait to read it!

Buy it!

After the show Michael and I stopped at Dot’s Cafe for dinner. It was late and not much was open.

I ordered the BLT sandwich. For some reason nothing really appealed to me. I was hungry, for sure, because I hadn’t eaten since about 4pm. But nothing sounded good. So BLT it was.

Sometimes basics are good.Β The night ended happy. I was so glad we’d gotten tickets to see Chuck! It was a fun, different kind of Date Night. πŸ™‚

QUESTION: Are you a Chuck fan? What’s your favorite book?

Just Like Learning to Ride a Bike

Wednesday after work Michael gave me a tutorial on how to clip into my bike pedals. I tried it on Saturday on the bike trainer when I first bought my shoes. It was NOT successful. I struggled with clipping in and got really frustrated. There might have been tears and declarations of “Oh my god I just spent $100 on shoes I can’t use!” and “I’ll never be able to clip in!” I was skeptical that it would go well but it was a success! He gave me instructions and rode along side me up and down our street to practice. Clipping in was a million times easier RIDING my bike, than sitting on the trainer. It was like my feet suddenly instinctively knew how to clip in and out.

Since I was able to clip in and out as we rode our street, I decided I was ready to go for a real bike ride to test it out. We drove the bikes over to the Johnson Creek parking lot (I wasn’t ready to ride in traffic yet) and rode East on the Springwater Trail.

I wanted to ride on the Springwater for two reasons: 1) It was a safe place to practice, away from cars and 2) There were enough intersections where I’d have to practice unclipping from the bike and clipping back in.

Having to unclip from the bike in preparation for stopping at a street gave me practice. I was able to successfully unclip and then I was able to clip back in easily. It was much easier on the bike than trying to clip in standing still.

The clouds were ominous. All day it was alternating between rainy, dark clouds, sunshine and warm, muggy weather. We were lucky that we didn’t get rained on while we were out! The clouds cleared a little bit and we had some sunshine too.

The ride was good. The trail was practically empty because of the iffy weather and the time of day. We rode as far as we could and then had to turn around. We had some later dinner plans to get to. I didn’t notice that the clip-in shoes were EASIER than what I was doing before…but then we didn’t do any hills. I think that’s where I’ll notice the difference. The trail is very flat.

When it was time to turn around I almost bit it. I unclipped one foot, came to a stop and kept my left foot still clipped in. I tried to turn my bike around and lost my balance. I almost totally fell over into the gravel shoulder. I caught myself, but not before I hurt my leg and butt. I will have a big bruise on my butt for sure. BUT I didn’t fall, so that’s good. I think the hardest part of learning to ride with my new shoes is FORGETTING I’M CLIPPED IN. I totally spaced and forgot a few times last night and I can see that being a recipe for crashing.

The above photo is Michael photobombing me. He’s checking out my butt in spandex here. πŸ˜‰ What a weirdo…

My left knee hurt a little bit–not enough to be bothersome but it was noticeable. Michael said I was pedaling too fast, so I need to practice on that too.

Ride Stats:

Time: 1:11

Calories Burned:Β  496

Distance: About 10 miles

We hurried home, showered, dressed and drove to SE Portland to meet friends for dinner at Dot’s Cafe. Dot’s Cafe is a total hole-in-the-wall dive with great food. It’s dark, dimly lit by tacky chandeliers straight out of 1972, velvet wallpaper and velvet Elvis paintings on the wall. No photos of the food because it was so dark. I ordered a vodka tonic and the spicy chicken pita with tzatziki sauce, tomatoes and lettuce. It was pretty good but not the best thing I’ve had there. Their sandwiches are killer. I kinda wish I’d went with my first instinct: the grilled cheese sandwich with tomato and bacon. It’s greasy, fattening, decadent and delicious!

QUESTION: If you clip in, what was the hardest part for you?