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Foods Masquerading As “Healthy”

There’s a guy I see at the gym sometimes with a big gallon jug full of apple juice. He drinks it while he works out. I am so fascinated by this. I really want to know WHY he does this but I don’t want to engage in conversation with him about it, you know? I am so curious about this. How many calories is he consuming in one workout with that apple juice? I need to go to the grocery store and see how many calories are in a gallon jug of juice.

Foods Masquerading As “Healthy”

These are goods that the commercials, ads and packaging claim to be “healthy” for us. I’ve definitely fallen into that trap. I didn’t really know HOW to eat or what to eat to be healthy in the beginning. I didn’t have help either, I just muddled my way through it and figured things out on my own.

I realized I was eating a lot of junk food. Especially the “diet” junk food. Processed food was making me feel sick. I realized the hard way that I needed to stop eating “diet” food I thought  was healthy and eat real food instead.

Granola/Granola Bars – Granola is something I thought was healthy when I first started out. A good snack, I thought, was a Yoplait yogurt with granola mixed in. I bought granola in bulk from a natural health food store (sort of like Whole Foods) in Portland. Of course I never used just one serving, either. When I started counting calories I was shocked at how high granola was in calories. I realized I was eating a super sugar yogurt with granola that was over 200 calories–my “healthy” snack was probably 400 calories. Yikes!

Breakfast Bars – Oh my gosh! These are the WORST. They are high in sugar, high in calories, high in carbs with absolutely NO nutritional value. It’s just manufactured junk food masquerading as “breakfast.” Eggs! Eggs! Eggs! They are the perfect food.

Vitamin Water/Gatorade – This is another one I see at the gym a lot. Personally, I prefer water. It taste better than a bunch of sugar water. I see people at the gym doing this and I wonder why they’d waste the calories they burned at the gym by sucking down liquid calories. Gatorade was developed for athletes and did amazing things for their performance and recovery. It does improve performance.  For high level athletes.  It’s for endurance sports–prolonged, competitive activities. For example, Gatorade is great for someone training for a marathon. Someone walking on a treadmill? I’m not so sure it’s needed.

Trail Mix/Dried Fruits – Dried fruit is higher in sugar than fresh fruit (they add sugar to them!). Higher in calories than fresh fruit. Trail mix is a big culprit in packing on the pounds. Did you know a typical serving size of trail mix is about a Tablespoon? If you’re like me, I don’t eat just a tablespoon of trailmix–I eat a handful. Just wagering a guess that could be 400 calories!

Yogurt – I’m talking about the sugary yogurts–the ones that taste like candy? The ones the that are high in calories and sugar and not high in anything good. A few years ago I discovered Greek yogurt and I have never looked back. I won’t eat anything else. And my palate has changed even more, I prefer the plain Greek yogurt instead. It’s much healthier, higher in protein, lower in sugar and I can add fresh fruit to my yogurt instead.

Frozen Yogurt – Sure frozen yogurt may be a healthier choice than ice cream. But….if you’re adding five extra servings of toppings onto the frozen yogurt you’re defeating the purpose. Butterfingers? Snickers? Cookie dough? Coconut? Chocolate sauce? Shoulda just had the ice cream!

Cereal – When I wrote A is for Abstinence several people mentioned that cereal was their trigger food. I can understand this–especially since the cereal I like is the super sugary ones (Frosted Flakes, Frosted Mini Wheats to name a few). The problem with cereal is that it doesn’t have the filling nutrients in them to keep us full for very long. Whenever I eat cereal I’m hungrier than before.

Bagels – I love bagels. I used to eat them all the time. I loved the big, thick bagels with cheese baked into them, slathered with full-fat cream cheese. A-maz-ing. But, those lovely treats are about 600 calories. My poor waistline. Now? I eat the bagel thins when I’m craving a bagel. 110 calories toasted with cream cheese tastes just as great as those other ones I used to eat!

QUESTION: Do you agree or disagree? What did I leave off this list?

Some Things I Miss

Knowledge is power.

I am pretty good at guesstimating how many calories are in something. After 5+ years of counting calories to lose weight I’ve become sort of an encyclopedia of Calorie Knowledge.

Because I have this Calorie Knowledge in me, it’s often hard to splurge on things I used to eat ALL.THE.TIME.


It’s also the time of year for amazing seasonal treats. For example:

I used to LOVE love love a Starbucks Chocolate Peppermint Mocha with Whipped Cream and Chocolate shavings on top. Oh my god. I’d suck down one a day (or more).

How many calories are in this delicious treat? 540 calories for a Grande (16 ounces).

To give you some clarity as to why I skip these now: Tee other night at the gym I worked out for ONE HOUR AND TWENTY-TWO MINUTES and burned 512 calories. ALMOST the same as one mocha.

Another treat–which I probably WILL partake in this holiday season–is the glorious, creamy Peppermint Ice Cream. LOVE it!

Depending on the brand it runs between 140-200 calories a serving. Which is not too bad but I have a hard time eating just one serving at a time. One serving is about 1/2 cup. Or one scoop.

I almost never have just one scoop. So that’s really more like 300-400 calories. Which is an okay splurge once in awhile.

Speaking of Holiday treats…how about Eggnog? Mmmm! Looking forward to having some GregNog this weekend in fact.

1 cup of eggnog = 340 calories or so depending on ingredients and portions.  Now I celebrate the holidays in healthier, lower calorie ways.  I get the Light Eggnog, mix it with Non-fat Milk to dilute it and I skip the whipped cream.

Another one of my old haunts….BURGERVILLE. Their current seasonal milkshakes right now are:

Chocolate Peppermint Milkshake (Regular): 940 calories

Chocolate Peppermint Milkshake (Large):  1140 calories

Burgerville Eggnog Milkshake (Regular):  520 calories

Burgerville Eggnog Milkshake (Large):  670 calories


Oh so good. I’ve discussed Burgerville’s amazing milkshakes in the past. I definitely miss those but rarely can I justify the calories I’d consume.

A treat I CAN have as an alternative are these:

Trader Joe’s Candy Cane Cookies. Basically Oreos but with peppermint. YUM. Noticing a theme here? 😉 I believe there are 140 calories for 2 cookies. A nice treat indeed!

Come on readers! Share your favorite treats and ALTERNATIVES!

QUESTION: What are some high-calorie items you rarely ever indulge in because you now know how bad they are for you? What do you eat instead?