Light Carb Update #3

I am happy that it is starting to be berry season because berries, especially strawberries (my favorites), are lower in carbs. I’ve been struggling to get lower than 100grams of carbs a day in my diet. I hover between 100-130 on my “low carb days”, which doesn’t really feel low carb if you ask me. BUT I am still not eating bread, rice, potatoes or pasta sooo….in that aspect I’m doing well.

I’ve done some reading and it seems like a true low-carb diet, like Atkins, is somewhere around 20 grams of carbs a day. That sounds INSANE to me, and definitely not something you can keep doing long term.


The blip last week fixed itself this week! I’m down to 169! Woot Woot! Happy to be out of the 170’s finally. It was hard to break that threshold when I was yo-yo-ing up and down the same 5 pounds.

So far in the last month, or so, I’ve lost 6 pounds. I’m pretty happy with that!


Last week Michael and I had a date night to see Joe Rogan’s stand up here in Portland.

We went out to dinner at Reverend’s BBQ and I was able to stay on my diet for the most part! I REALLY wanted the mac n’ cheese or hushpuppies but I ordered smart. We shared some deviled eggs:

And I got brisket with the collard greens. (So delicious!)

My carbs came from the BBQ sauce and the wine:

Despite that, I was able to stay around 100g of carbs total for the day of my eats. I’m happy that even eating out at a restaurant I was able to make good choices.

Friday or Saturday nights are usually the day I choose for my “cheat meal” but this Friday I stayed on track and the “cheat” was having some wine with dinner:

I had a salad with blackened salmon and cottage cheese.

Last week we tried cauliflower pizza for the first time. It was pretty good, but not quite right. Michael wanted to experiment and try again. So the day before he made the riced cauliflower even finer and then cooked it and tried to dry it a little more overnight. It didn’t really work so we ended up having homemade pizza.

It was an unexpected carb “cheat” meal that I was a little disappointed to have (because I was having some momentum and wanted to keep that going a few more days before having a cheat meal) but in the end it turned out to probably be a good idea. Going too long in “denial” phase can lead to binges.

The pizza was sooo good!

New This Week

Saturday for breakfast I tried having my breakfast burrito in a low-carb wrap:

Each wrap is 70 calories, 10g of carbs, 4g of fiber, 5g of protein. Good numbers if you ask me. So how did it taste? Not great…not as good as a flour or corn tortilla. I was kind of bummed out by that because I had high hopes! Especially considering the usual flour tortilla we use is 26 grams of carbs. BOO!

I think the Flat-Out wraps are also pretty low in carbs. I might check those out next week.

My Mind is Playing Tricks on Me

This week is when I would normally do my monthly weigh-in. Since I’m going Scale Free for the Summer, I am skipping the weigh in. I have to say, this process has been a lot harder than I thought it would be. I thought not having the scale dictate how I feel about myself would be an enlightening, liberating experience. So far? I’m having the opposite reaction to going scale free. Instead, I feel like the scale has MORE power over me and my moods than ever.

I thought I was just going crazy. Then Lori said: “You know, I was finding all kinds of ‘flaws’ with my body when I stayed off the scale. It’s almost like we need to find something else to focus on.” It was nice to hear that she went through something similar, and that maybe it isn’t all in my head.

My mind can play tricks on me. During that time of the month I can feel like I’ve gained 10 pounds. Have I? Most likely not, but the mind can trick us. Most of what gets in my way is what goes on in my head. I never thought I’d want to try to swim 2 miles. I knew I could do it physically, but when it came to the mental part of doing something like that I hit a wall. I struggled mentally to complete it. My mind wandered, I talked myself out of doing it, I talked down about my abilities. Why would I sabotage myself? Why would I keep myself from trying something new?

“Limits are most often all in your head.”
— Gary Allen via @RunToWin

I think the Portland Century bike ride this August will be a challenge for me in a lot of ways. Sure there will be a physical challenge because no matter how GREAT in shape you are, 100 miles sitting on a bike is gonna hurt. But I think the biggest challenge for me will be the mental wall I have.

A few weekends ago I biked 40 miles and felt great. I was able to sit on the bike for hours, my legs felt good, but my mind started to weaken towards the end. We were probably 8 miles from home but I was DONE. I was ready to be home, ready to get out of the saddle, ready to just stop. Those last few miles were the hardest of the 40 miles because mentally I had checked out.

I never had a mental block when I was trying to lose weight. I was focused. I was GOING TO LOSE 100 POUNDS! I was determined and there were no other options. So how do I get over the mental barriers I keep setting for myself? And why is the scale holding so much power over me even though I haven’t stepped on it in a month?

I wish I had some answers. The only thing I can tell myself is to be persistent: if there’s a challenge facing me, tackle it head-on and stop procrastinating!

QUESTION: What mental barriers are keeping you from doing something?