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Mistakes You’re Making in Fitness Classes

I’ve never been a big “fitness class” person. The schedules never worked with my schedule and I’d struggle to get to the classes consistently. I also always felt like I was two steps behind the rest of the class. I tried yoga, Turbo Kick, aerobics, and step aerobics to name a few.

My first successful fitness class experience was Spin. While I’d scoffed at whether or not it was a good workout compared to going outside on my bike, I fell in love with it immediately.  It was a challenge and I could keep up which was crucial for me to like the class.

But how many mistakes did I make in all these classes I tried? I made a ton! Are you making any mistakes? See below.

You Aren’t Pushing Yourself To The Limits

If you’re just half-assing it at the class, you’re going to be disappointed with the results…or lack thereof. I definitely half-assed my fair share of classes. Which is probably what lead me to think they were a waste of time. But if you give it your all you’ll see results.

Going to a fitness class (whichever you choose) is a good way to find your working out mojo. Are you the type of person that needs that extra push of a personal trainer but can’t afford one? A class is your best bet. Take advantage of that “free” personal trainer!

When I first started spin class, I went VERY easy on the resistance on the bike. I ignored the instructor when they said to make it as hard as we could take it. I was concerned about my knee issues, but eventually realized I was wasting my time by NOT making it hard on me. It made such a difference and really helped me get through winter with a cycling base.

You’re In The Back

This is usually where I am at classes! I don’t want to be in the front. Yet, I struggle the entire class to see the instructor, figure out the moves and keep up. Why don’t I move closer to the front so I can see? Suck it up and move to the front.

You Have Bad Form

This is a trap I often fall into and need to remind myself frequently to check my form. I do this will running, hiking, walking, definitely with cycling. “Do I have good form?” No? Fix it.

You Have Unrealistic Expectations

If you’re expecting to go to a few aerobics classes and magically lose 50 pounds, it doesn’t work that way. It takes time and patience and consistent activity. Give yourself a break and enjoy it! It’s a process.

You Aren’t Stretching

I need to take my own advice. But to be honest, ever since my running injury in 2010, I’ve been much better about stretching after every workout. I also try to warm up before whatever class I’m taking. It could mean 20 minutes on a treadmill before yoga or lifting weights before spin class. Something.

You Aren’t Fueling Properly

Do you have a water bottle with you in class? Are you drinking from it frequently? (In spin class I have 2 bottles.) Did you have a small snack before the class? Are you eating a sensible meal or snack afterward to help with recovery? Depriving ourselves of fuel for a class will result in low energy and probably mental fatigue (at least it does for me).

You’re Doing The Same Thing

Switching things up frequently is the key to transforming your body. I find that I get too efficient in certain activities and I stop seeing the results I want (my heart rate doesn’t get high, I don’t burn the same amount of calories, etc). HIIT workouts are awesome (who doesn’t want to have a SHORTER workout but with the same calorie burn as a long one?)

Classes are a good way to get STARTED with your weight loss journey. You can get extra motivation to go to the gym consistently when it’s scheduled, you can bring a buddy along with you to class to make it more fun, and you learn something new. While sweating!

QUESTION: Are you a fitness class fan? Are you making any mistakes in class?

Day Six: Almost Over!

By Friday I was exhausted. I don’t know if it’s the extremely low carb intake this week but I was seriously dragging ass all week. I was ready for life to get back to “normal” too.


2 scrambled eggs

Refried black beans

2 slices bacon (couldn’t eat the 3rd)


I will admit that I do like the bigger breakfast part of this experiment. I am finding that I am much less hungry the rest of the morning, and usually don’t need my snack. And after eating mainly egg whites all week the yellowness of the regular scrambled eggs is sort of bizarre looking!

Calories: 330    |    Carbs: 21g     |     Protein: 24g   |       Fiber 6g


Hard Boiled Egg

Eaten at 11:00am even though I was still pretty full from breakfast. I’m trying to make sure my blood sugar stays level throughout the day to prevent crashes. So far so good.

Calories: 70    |     Carbs: 1g     |     Protein: 6g     |    Fiber 0g


Baby Spinach with broccoli, black olives and celery

Leftover Mediterranean Chicken

I used the leftover chicken from Thursday’s excursion to the Greek Cart near my office. I’m out of the mixed greens so this salad is strictly baby spinach. I’m not a huge fan of the texture of baby spinach and would prefer it mixed in with “regular” lettuce.

Calories: 315    |     Carbs: 28g     |     Protein: 26g     |    Fiber 12g





Even though I wasn’t very hungry Friday afternoon I ate my snack because I was heading to the pool right after work.

Calories: 116    |     Carbs: 11g     |     Protein: 5g     |    Fiber 3g


Turkey Burger with no bun

Canned Refried Beans with Cheese

Canned Green Beans

Black Olives

1 glass Syrah

It was a little strange to eat the turkey burgers without all the “fixings” and a side like fries or onion rings. But the dinner was tasty and satisfying.

Michael skipped the green beans. He made a comment about how he didn’t want “anything green” on his plate. He was burned out on veggies. I’m not burned out on veggies but I am definitely burned out on salads! I liked the green beans. The glass of red wine really hit the spot too!

Dinner was good but I missed my chocolate treat at the end of then night. TOTALLY looking forward to Saturday’s “Binge Day.”

Calories:  650   |     Carbs: 57g     |     Protein: 70g     |    Fiber 8g


After work I swam my normal routine. The swim was really difficult and it was the first time this week I really noticed a difference in my endurance and ability in relation to the amount of carbs I ate. Having a super low-carb diet all week finally caught up to me. Swimming just plain sucked. I felt like I was slow (but I wasn’t in comparison to my time) and my arms were so fatigued I wasn’t sure I could continue to swim. I had to rest a lot–which I NEVER do.

There was also a silly girl that got in my lane and apparently didn’t pay attention to the etiquette of lap swimming. I was staying on one side swimming my laps and she seemed determined to swim down the center of the lane. I really have no idea why she was being so stupid and not getting the message that she was doing it wrong but it was really frustrating. By the time I was fed up with her and ready to tell her off, she finally decided to leave. Thankfully! It really baffles me that people who don’t know how to swim or are slow swimmers, get in the same lane as a FAST swimmer and then don’t follow the rules. Why would they want to get in the way?? I just don’t get it. When I was a slow swimmer I was intimated by the faster ones and stayed on my side, giving them plenty of space. New Swimmers: READ THIS PLEASE! And thank you.

Half way through my swim I started to feel better and less fatigued. I sat in the hot tub for a bit and then went home feeling deflated. The moment I walked in the door Michael commented that I looked exhausted. I felt run down and lethargic.

Calories Burned: 400


Calories:  1,721     |     Carbs: 142g     |     Protein: 143g     |    Fiber 32g


QUESTION: Can you tell a difference in your physical abilities when you eat more or less carbs/protein?