Accountable to Myself


Back on the horse again!


I went back to yoga last week. It was the first time in a few months. If I remember correctly I stopped going around 29 weeks pregnant I think. I just couldn’t do it anymore, which disappointed me because I thought swimming and yoga would be the majority of my fitness throughout the third trimester. Unfortunately, I was to the point where I had to modify almost every pose, my balance wasn’t great, I felt like I couldn’t do most of the things in class and it was getting silly going and just laying in child’s pose. So, I stopped.

Going back to yoga after a few months off was HARD. I struggled with all of it. My balance wasn’t great. I felt out of breathe and weak. Downward dog was a pose I could barely hold for very long and I couldn’t do any of the poses where you lay on your chest (because of breastfeeding). Despite that, I was glad I went back and I intend on going at least once a week (twice a week would be ideal) to try and get my strength and balance back!

On days that I can’t go to the gym I walk (weather permitting). Recently a friend came over with her daughter (and a bottle of wine) and we walked to a nearby park since it was such a nice day. Her daughter played, Bella supervised everything, then we walked back to the house and lounged on the deck with our glasses of wine. It was a nice break to the monotony of my day (pumping, feeding, changing diapers, rinse repeat<–not complaining, just saying most days are the same right now!).


When it’s just me at home, I often take Bella and Logan for a long walk in the neighborhood (sometimes twice a day) just to get out of the house and move around. I remember now how much I like walking! It’s peaceful and a nice way to get in some exercise.

I’m able to go a little longer and harder on the elliptical in just one week already. I feel great when I get to go and I feel accomplished and happy when I’m done. The one downside? Upper back pain. I don’t know if it’s a combination of taking time off and needing a new sports bra or if feeding Logan is putting a strain on my upper back but it aches!


That session was 4 miles on the elliptical in about 50 minutes.

The next day I was going to try and do the stairmaster but decided to do the elliptical again instead. I was feeling a bit sore after a massage and wanted to take it easy. I did 4.20 miles on the elliptical this time and it felt really good (and a bit easy).


Sunday I went back to yoga. I felt a little “meh” and didn’t want to go but I’m glad I did. I was a little early to class so I did the stairmaster for a few minutes before then went to class.


This time yoga was much better than the first time back. I was able to do downward dog with more ease and while my balance was still not great, it felt good to stretch and move. Little by little things are getting easier.

How we are making it work right now: my gym days are now Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Michael works from home on Fridays now so that makes it easier for me to go to the gym (and hopefully soon I will be back to swimming). One day during the work week I try and go to yoga after Michael gets home from work. I expect this to change some once I go back to work. I’m hoping I can bike to work once a week so that I get my workout in and out of the way.


Like I said in my last post I am back to counting calories. Most days I do “ok”. I put that in quotes because I wouldn’t say I am quite to where I’d like to be with counting my calories but I am trying to do my best and BE ACCOUNTABLE. Tracking everything is the first step. Do I go over my calories? Yes, sometimes. I’d say about 2 days a week I go over my calories for the day but the other days I do alright staying within my range. It just depends on my hunger level each day (which apparently changes often!).

According to what I’ve read, breastfeeding burns somewhere between 300-500 calories a day. It depends on how much you are making, but it sounds like the average is you burn 20 calories an ounce. I’m currently pumping while Logan and I learn how to breastfeed after getting his tongue tie fixed so I know exactly how many ounces I make a day. MyΒ average is 20-30 ounces a day. That means I would be right up there with burning around 500 calories a day.

Challenge #2: Raging Appetite

If you are pumping 25 ounces a milk a day, you are burning the same amount of extra calories as if you were running 5 miles every single day. You are going to be hungry! (source)Β 

Yes, yes and yes! So much hungrier than I ever was when I was pregnant. There are days where I feel like I could eat everything in my fridge and still be hungry. It’s cra–aaazy.

Breakfast is pretty easy to make healthy. Either it’s a scramble (eggs, sausage and sweet potatoes) or oatmeal:


Lunch is usually pretty healthy, too. Where I fall short is afternoon snacking, eating a little too much for dinner (things like pizza) or indulging on sweets late in the evening.

This weekend I met up with a friend for lunch and made a healthy choice. We went to Laughing Planet because I like that they have healthy options for not a ton of calories. I got the Vindaloo Bowl, which was chard, lentils, rice, pulled pork and an Indian sauce with sauteed veggies and pickled onions. It was really tasty!


Dinner the other night was healthy, so go me! Salad with avocado, black olives, jalapenos, cojita cheese and chicken fajita on top. It was delicious and even indulging in tortilla chips it was under 700 calories.


Accountable to Myself

I’m down to drinking a Diet Dr. Pepper a few times a week instead of every day, so that’s progress.

I’m counting my calories every day, even on days when I go over.

I’m choosing fruits for snacks again, but still occasionally eating “quickie” snacks like protein bars, which isn’t great.


My Goals Going Forward

  1. Continue counting my caloriesΒ every single day. (It was a little too easy to stop doing it!)
  2. Move my body every day, even if it’s a gentle movement and just walking.
  3. Give it time. I am okay with keeping my gym days to 3 days a week for a bit. There’s no rush to get back to my 5 day schedule like I had before. My body needs the time it needs to heal and rest and I’ll get back to where I was at some point.
  4. I plan on going back to the Warrior Room soon. I’m thinking somewhere around June-ish. I’d like to get back into a weight lifting routine at the gym and build that back up before going back to the Warrior Room and destroying my body!

So that’s the update from my world lately. How is losing weight going for you?



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  1. Sounds like you’re taking great care of everybody, Lisa! I remember being very hungry during breastfeeding as well, but I didn’t watch myself as carefully as you are, and that’s how I ended up 60 lbs. overweight (can you still call it baby weight when they’re in middle school?? LOL) Mindfulness and easing back into it all will just pay off so much in the long run. That baby boy sure is adorable!

    1. I saw my midwife yesterday and she actually suggested I eat more calories than I am because of breastfeeding. Right now I’m eating around 2000 calories a day. She suggested I bump it up to 2300 a day and see how that goes. Basically, watch my milk supply and see what calorie count works well. I will try to experiment with that and see.

  2. Have you tried snacking vegetables like carrots, stripes of pepper, celery, or radishes. This is even better solutions than fighting with temptation using fruits containing sugars. Hunger goes away when your stomach is full. Filling it with vegetables is not only safe caloriewise, but also contributes loads of fiber, vitamins and minerals to breastfiding mother.

  3. Hi Lisa! I think you’re doing great this close to Logan’s birth day! Maybe some protein snacks like string cheese, cottage cheese, nuts would help you out.

    Losing very slowly on Weight Watchers (15 lbs) but glad to be back at it.

    1. Good suggestions. I have some cashews I’ve been snacking on and we have tons of string cheese so I just need to remember that we have those items!

      Great job losing weight on WW. How do you like the new plan? I’ve been hearing mixed things from friends.

      1. I think tracking is key — whatever you’re doing! The sugary snacks are higher so it keeps you away from them generally.

  4. I’m glad you are eating real food. You and hubster eating real food will help you all, including your son escape many of the modern diseases that have our children leaving the earth before we do.

    I’m maintaining in menopause, keeping 64 of 70 pounds off. over 4 years now. Amazing. Here’s to you getting back to your best health weight and for changing up anything you need to do as you age. My 20’s and 30’s were EZ street. My 40’s and 50’s were much more of a challenge.

    I wish I had eaten real food when my teenager was little. I could have impacted both her and myself much better. Ah well, better late than never. Onward
    Karen P recently posted..The switch is off for binge eating for me- 5th year , #1 tool abstaining from sugars and grains for the WIN

    1. I agree. Eating real food is best. I definitely feel better when I eat the stuff I used to eat (as opposed to the convenient foods like protein and granola bars). It just needs to become habit again.

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