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This post is about Monday – Day Two of the Four Hour Body Diet. On this lower-carb/high protein diet the book said not to count calories but I will continue to count my calories this week as a comparison to what I used to eat. I guess I should also clarify that we’re not doing a “no carb diet” but we’re not eating bread, sugar or fruit and the carbs we are eating come mainly from beans.

To clarify: it’s a “Slow Carb” diet. I was mistaken when I compared this diet to the Atkin’s Diet (30 grams of carbs or less). What is a “Slow Carb Diet”?

The type of food you eat on the slow carb diet is high in protein and fiber (lots of beans and veggies). This requires longer and slower digestion, which means you burn more calories in order to digest the food you have eaten.

“The purpose behind consuming only what Tim calls “slow carbs” is that you are maintaining a consistent blood sugar level and avoiding big spikes in blood sugar and the associated spike of insulin in your blood. When your body releases insulin, it triggers your cells to switch into energy storage mode. In other words, it triggers your body to begin storing fat. If you keep your blood sugar consistent and avoid large insulin spikes, you avoid tripping that fat storage trigger in your body and continue to burn your food for energy.”

I have a much better understanding about “the diet” now that I read a little more on it. I suppose I heard the words “slow carb” and immediately thought it was “no carb.” That is not the case. I apologize for any confusion.


3 egg whites, 1 egg scrambled

Black Beans

3 Turkey Sausage Links

Salsa and half a serving of sour cream

It seems like an insane amount of food but in reality it’s not much different calorie-wise than what we used to eat (splitting about three scrambled eggs, 2 turkey sausage links).

The volume was filling and I wasn’t hungry for several hours. As I walked across the bridge to work (2 miles) Monday morning the food sat in my stomach like a brick.

Since I’m trying to limit the carbohydrates I eat I’m also going coffee-free this week. I cannot drink black coffee and need flavored creamer in it, or sugar and milk at the very least. Instead, I’ll be trying to get by on drinking green tea. Result on Monday: I was tired and lethargic. That could be from no coffee or not sleeping well Sunday night.

Breakfast was eaten at 7am.

Calories: 306    |    Carbs: 11g     |     Protein: 35g



Celery sticks

The hummus snack packs are great for snacks at work. The celery was much better with something like hummus! I ate my snack about 10:45am. I wasn’t necessarily hungry but I knew I’d be nearing hunger soon and wanted to make sure my blood sugar stayed level.

Calories: 112      |    Carbs: 10g     |     Protein: 4g |     Fiber 4g


Salad with tomatoes, peppers, broccoli, chickpeas

Small piece of blackened ahi tuna

For lunch I had a salad with leftover ahi tuna.

The lunch was very filling at the time. I ate it at 12:45pm and was hungry again around 2:30.

Calories: 381     |    Carbs: 54g     |     Protein: 25g |     Fiber 10g



8 Raw Almonds

While raw nuts seem to be working to take the edge off hunger I don’t really feel like eating a serving of nuts is helping with hunger pains. Snack eaten at 3pm.

Calories: 53     |    Carbs: 2     |     Protein: 2g |     Fiber 1g


Taco Salad!



Black Beans


It seemed like a gallon of lettuce. Topped with black beans, a tiny bit of shredded cheese, sour cream, yellow and red peppers plus guacamole.

Michael finished making the guacamole and we both stared at it and then looked at each other and then he said, “I wish we had salty tortilla chips.” I felt the same way. I snacked on some guacamole using the sliced red and yellow peppers as a substitute for chips and dipped them into the guacamole. I topped the salads with the guacamole and used that as salad dressing.

Dinner was absolutely delicious! I loved it! It was so filling I wasn’t hungry the rest of the night and the spicy guacamole was so tasty.

Calories: 860     |    Carbs: 60g    |     Protein: 60g     |     Fiber 22g


Totals for the Day:

Calories: 1,712      |    Carbs: 137g     |     Protein: 126g |     Fiber 37g

How Am I Doing So Far?

So far I feel like I’m eating A LOT. I’m not having strong hunger pains but at the same time, several times I have felt a bit of hunger. It’s a strange feeling…it’s more like I feel unsatisfied than I feel hungry.

[blackbirdpie id=”65169249269846017″]

I think it’s completely mental though. Like when you are told you have to stop eating ALL bread and then all of a sudden all you crave is bread (pizza, pita bread, toast, bagels…mmm…).


QUESTION: Do you think you could try this diet?

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  1. I’ve eaten like this before, and I’ve felt really good. Your day looks so delicious. I could not give up coffee, as we discussed. Right now I have mine with almond milk. For you it’s a trade off bc cream has low-carbs but you may not want the calories.

    I actually bought tortilla chips this week bc they were on sale. They were SO salty that I was totally turned off of them. It’s amazing to really really taste them without salsa or guac. I think you’ll be amazed at how your taste buds change. Very exciting! (sorry for the chip porn. Just remember salty yucky poo)

    1. So far I feel okay. I have a headache but I think that might be allergies, not lack of coffee? I have a hard time thinking 1 cup of coffee a day can make me addicted to it and go through withdrawals.

      The food was yummy yesterday. The dinner was exceptional and I really loved that! I have noticed that my taste buds have changed a bit. I feel more sensitive to sugar.

  2. I’ve never heard of the slow carb diet but I know that I don’t do well on any “diet” that doesn’t allow me certain foods. WW worked great for me because I could have whatever I wanted as long as I accounted for it. Right now, I’m just starting back to counting calories and I’m having the same feelings. I thought I was hungry because I had been eating a lot more food and now i’m not but I never thought about it as being unsatisfied. Which totally makes sense because I was eating ALL of my favorite junk food and while i’m not eating anything I don’t like, I’m denying myself things I want again.
    A Girl Who Loves Cupcakes recently posted..a lil bit about me

    1. It’s definitely a mental thing for me I think. I feel like I’m being denied certain foods so I feel like I’m hungry. But when you load up on a really heavy breakfast of protein and fiber, there’s no way I am ACTUALLY hungry!

  3. Good looking food day. I read the book and I think he has at least 2 different diet plans in there, one of which allows dairy. I think that one is a bulking diet, though. I can’t remember.

    I couldn’t do the slow carb one his way as I would never give up fruit *and* dairy. You are a brave woman LOL! I generally do slow carb my way, which is reduced grains.

    Can you have almond milk in your coffee? I do that in the mornings. Very few carbs in that.
    Lori recently posted..April Wrap Up and May Goals

    1. I am having a little bit of dairy. The sour cream is like 2g of carbs and sugar, which isn’t that bad so I’m eating it. I’m reducing the cheese I eat (only had a tiny bit on the salad) and so far so good. I would have a hard time giving up fruit, sugar, carbs AND dairy! Oh my!

      I would call yesterday a success. I liked everything we ate.

      I’m not a huge fan of almond milk, but I suppose I could give that a try just so I can have coffee…if after the 7 days I decide to continue this diet I will look into that so I can have my coffee.

  4. I don’t think I could do that diet for long term, though your day of eats did look delicious! I really like to have whole grain carbs with most meals, so it would be tough for me. The reason I love WW is because NOTHING is off limits, you just have to track it to make sure you’re holding yourself accountable. I’ll be interested to see your progress this week and how you’re feeling!

    1. Agreed. When I was counting my calories to lose the weight NOTHING was “off limits” but I made personal choices not to eat certain things while I was trying to lose (ie. pizza, alcohol, etc).

  5. i really like this diet so far! it looks like youre able to eat a lot. i think im gona go find the book and look thru it when i have time this week.

    one question tho… ive looked everywhere for suggested serving sizes for the beans/lentils (carbs). is it a half cup, quarter cup or do you use your own judgement?

    1. On this particular diet plan you can eat whatever you want on the list of “okay foods” in whatever portions you want. Which is a weird thing for me because I worked so hard to make sure I only eat portion sizes. However, I think eating 1 cup of black beans instead of a serving size (1/2 cup) is a healthier option if you’re going to eat more of something (ex: 2 servings of black beans in a day is way better than 2 servings of Cheetos!).

  6. I have a relaxed clean eating style as you know but I think it’s similar – slow carbs (except my approach wouldn’t include sausage, too processed). Perhaps the unsatisfied feeling is simply telling you to get more protein or your body is adjusting to the change. I applaud you, Lisa, you are one motivated lady.
    Suzanne @Workout Nirvana recently posted..The Quest for Killer Metabolism Part 1

    1. Thanks Suzanne!

      The sausage links were something that concerned Michael as well. But we also have a ton of them from Costco that we need to eat so in the meantime, it’s something we’ll eat.

      I think you might be right about my body adjusting. I can definitely tell when I need more protein! My body lets me know.

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