Back to Back, Back in the Saddle

While I didn’t take a week and a half off from my fitness while I was in Hawaii, I did take a week and a half off from the bike. It was sorely needed, too. I was feeling physically and mentally burned out before my trip. My rides were more frequent, which was good, but I wasn’t feeling great physically. I could tell I was close to over-training because my legs just felt like crap on my rides and recovery was slowing down.

On Labor Day, Michael and I went for a bike ride together. It was the first one since vacation. It was a nice, sunny day in Portland and we just went out to the Springwater Trail with no plan. I wasn’t focused on mileage or anything, just getting my “legs” back.

We rode toward downtown and then headed east on the Springwater for about an hour. I felt really good and I was happy that my body tackled hills with relative ease.

After an hour it was about lunchtime so we stopped at the Cartlandia Food Cart spot for lunch. We decided to split a burger from The Rock House Grill.

It was really tasty but since I only ate half, I will save a real review for next time. After letting lunch settle we hopped back on the bikes and rode home.

My total calories for the 19.74 mile ride: 773. I felt good after my bike ride! When we got home we made dinner and grilled up the chicken thighs outside. The recipe I used I found here and it was absolutely delicious. Teriyaki chicken thighs with a caprese salad and corn on the cob. Yum!


I woke up early for my first day back at work after vacation and the holiday, determined to bike to work. I have to admit, it was pretty hard getting up early after sleeping in til 10 most days. But I did it. I also noticed that while I was gone the weather had turned a bit chilly in the morning and the light wasn’t as great that early. I see my bike commuting coming to end pretty soon.

So how was that morning commute? My legs were a tad sore the from previous day’s ride but not too bad. The worst part? Saddle soreness. I hadn’t experienced that since the beginning of summer when I started riding my bike consistently. I guess a week off means I’m starting over!

The soreness wasn’t pleasant but I made it to and from work without too much discomfort. My back was also not great. I guess I really am starting over with my conditioning.

Total Mileage on Tuesday: 22.21.

When I got home I quickly showered and hurried out to meet my friend Robyn for happy hour. It had been too long since we hung out and we had some catching up to do.

Robyn and I met at Gold Dust Meridian. I like the restaurant, the food has always been good and their happy hour lasts until 8pm. This particular experience wasn’t as great as it has been. The service was really slow (took almost an hour to get our food) and the place had a ton of annoying gnats flying around. Gross. Despite that, the food was tasty.

I ordered the mac n’ cheese with bacon and tomato (could have done without the bacon, honestly) and shared that with Robyn and the garlic green beans. I had a nice night with Robyn and went home with a satisfied belly.

QUESTION: How do you get back in the saddle after a break?

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  1. I always find it hard to get back into the swing of things after taking a break. It is a mental thing with me I have to pump myself up and say ” I am only going to go for five minutes and then it ends up I go for longer period of time and that just starts me back up again. So it just takes that one step out the door for me πŸ™‚

  2. Now, when you say “saddle soreness” do you mean “the feeling that you’ve been hit in the crotch repeatedly with a baseball bat while doing the splits”?

  3. Yay for baking again! That saddle soreness won’t last nearly as long as when you first started riding.

    I love my bike so much that I can’t wait to get back to it when I am away. That’s no problem. For me it is getting back to normal eating. It can take me several days or more to rein that in.
    Lori recently posted..What’s blooming!

    1. Glad to hear that the soreness doesn’t last as long. I’m going to try and ride today!

      I did really well on this trip. I didn’t eat much out of the norm. I think because we had a kitchen and cooked 90% of our meals.

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