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Ladies Who Do Lunch


I’ve been so busy lately. It’s all been good stuff and fun stuff, so that’s in no way a complaint. First, I met my friend Star for lunch one day after a swim and we celebrated our birthday together (a month late but oh well). We met at Tao of Tea, one of my favorite tea houses in Portland. The place was packed for a Sunday. I was surprised.

We got a table and ordered our lunches immediately because we were so starved. I ordered the Chana Chaval, which was chickpeas in curry sauce over basmati rice. It was topped with fresh cilantro and sliced tomato chunks. It was so delicious and filling. I loved Indian food. It feels so healthy and I never leave feeling hungry.

I forgot what Star got, but it was bread stuffed with spinach and cauliflower with Dal sauce and yogurt. Look at how tasty her lunch looked:

I got the Pitta Ayervedic tea and we shared some biscotti for dessert.

We exchanged gifts and toasted our mutual birthdays. Star gave me the new line of Mary Kay skin products (she’s a Mary Kay Lady). It was a cleanser, toner, moisturizer and a mask. I’ve tried it a few times now and like it a lot.


The Happiest of Hours

One Friday night after a swim, I met up with my cousin Anna for Happy Hour. The original plan was to go to Bunco together but the Bunco night was cancelled (boo). I was disappointed but it actually ended up working out nicely. I went to the pool, skipped my pre-workout snack, and swam my little butt off! It was such a good swim! And I was done just in time to meet Anna at Produce Row. Produce Row is a little cafe down on SE Water right by the train tracks. It’s been AGES since I was at Produce Row! The last time I was there, it was a total dive–not nice at all, with picnic benches inside the restaurant. They’ve since remodeled and it’s a cute, classy, romantic little place with lots of seating, pretty decor in the restaurant, and an enclosed patio for the summer months.

We got happy hour (which lasts til 7!) and started with beers. I got my new favorite beer (discovered in Bend) called Boneyard IPA. I absolutely LOVE this beer and I wish I could find it in bottles so I can enjoy it at home. Boneyard is a strong, hoppy IPA and tastes like grapefruit. My favorite.

We split the happy hour order of nachos: nachos cheddar cheese & black bean sauce melted over tortilla chips and topped with chili-spiked sour cream and salsa fresca. These were GOOD nachos! I kinda wanted some more and was kinda sad when we cleaned the plate.

We shared our nachos, slurped our beers and got caught up on all the good, bad and ugly that’s been going on with us lately. It was a nice time. I always feel so much better after my “girl time” with friends. Even though we split the small order of happy hour nachos, I was really full from them and called that dinner.

I’m so glad I’ve been doing better about scheduling FUN into my life. It’s too easy to get bogged down with chores and routines and not take care of “ME” when I really need it!

I’m enjoying the long weekend and a quick update on Maya: she’s finally eating (Sunday). She ate on Friday but on Saturday she seemed to go backwards and refused to eat anything. I was starting to worry about her, but she ate a little bit this morning after much coaxing. She’s been really good about holding still long enough to receive all her medicines–but she’s definitely not having fun being caught twice a day! She’s showing some signs of her normal behavior and personality so that’s a good sign!

QUESTION: Do you take care of YOU? How often do you schedule “YOU” time?

Titian, Tao of Tea and Double Dates

I took a few days off for my birthday this year. I slept in, I went to the gym and enjoyed a swim too. I loved splitting up my workout. I did about 45 minutes on the elliptical and then went for a nice swim. It was great!

Gym Stats:
Time: 1:26
Calories Burned: 700

Thank you to all of my readers and friends who sent me birthday wishes! My Twitter, Facebook, blog and phone was flooded with well-wishes all day. It was nice. 🙂 I even got a shout out from the Mayor! (Shameless, I know! LOL)

Michael and I had lunch at home (leftovers) and then headed downtown to the Portland Art Museum. I bought a Google Deal last month for the museum–2 tickets for super cheap. We went to the Museum and spent a leisurely afternoon enjoying the latest exhibit. I couldn’t take photos for the Titian (which was gorgeous, by the way) but everything else was fun to look at.

Van Gogh - I LOVE this one
Monet - Water Lilies

I’ve probably never mentioned this before but my major in college was going to be Art History. I loved it. I still remember a lot of the stuff I learned. It’s funny how reality steps in and you realize “What kind of job can I have with this degree?” Anyways, here are just a few of my favorite works of art from our adventures in the Museum:

by James Vibert


And one of my favorite paintings of all time:

The detail in the feet are absolutely breathtaking and you MUST see this painting up close and personal to really get it. The first time I saw this painting it was in a traveling exhibit and I remember standing in front of it, mesmerized by the tiny lines in the baby’s feet. They were exquisite.

My New Outfit

We had about an hour to kill before our dinner plans, so we stopped in at the Tao of Tea on SE Belmont. It’s an amazing teahouse with the best tea I’ve ever had in the States, and really good food. We relaxed in the serene atmosphere and enjoyed our tea and biscotti. The biscotti was ginger and vanilla flavored with dried cranberries and drizzled honey on it. It was delicious. The tea I ordered was the Ayurvedic healing tea–I chose Shanti (supposed to be good for immune systems and I’ve been fighting off a head cold for about a week now).

Then Michael and I met my friend Ember and her boyfriend at our favorite pizza place for dinner. The last time Ember and I hung out together we planned to double date and she said she had never been to Apizza Scholls before. I told her how hard it is to get into the restaurant on the weekends, and suggested that we all go together. Since Michael knows a guy. Well that guy was just featured in the local paper here! Our secret is out.

I enjoyed a glass (or two) of wine with pizza. We ordered one sausage and peppers pizza and one of the “white” pizzas. We’ve never tried the white pizza before but it was amazing! No red sauce, just cheese and truffle oil. It was fantastic and probably by new favorite kind of pizza.

It was such a fun day! Michael surprised me with chocolate, a sweet card and Adobe Lightroom. It was very generous of him and I am sooo excited to learn how to make my photos better.

QUESTION: What was your major in college? Does it have anything to do with your current career? How did you spend your last birthday?