Hawthorne restaurants

Curbing The Hunger


After my hot, sweaty bike commute we cleaned up and headed out for dinner. It was Carbzilla’s birthday! We met her and her friends at La Palapa on Hawthorne.

I’ve seen this place but never been to it. I love trying to new restaurants! We got inside and saw that it was very casual, where you order at the counter. Another plus. That means it’s cheap. 🙂

I went there planning on getting a fish taco and then got glamoured by the idea of a burrito.

They had a salsa bar, which was pretty fun. I’m a big fan of chips and salsa. 🙂

My burrito was just okay. It definitely wasn’t anything compared to the amazing burrito we had recently at the Mr. Taco Food Cart. THAT burrito was delicious! The Palapa burrito was just kind of bland. I liked the guacamole but the cheese was kind of…weird…and there was too much rice in it.

Michael got the veggie burrito smothered in sauce. His looked really yummy. Again, too much rice inside. They brought out dessert for Carbzilla’s birthday:

I forget what this dessert is called but it’s yummy: cinnamon and honey? Sign me up! After that they headed to a movie and Michael and I headed home. I also got to wear my new Portland Century t-shirt:

All week long I’ve woken up each morning with a growling, insane hunger in my belly. I’m not sure if it’s the aftermath of doing the Portland Century but dang. The moment my eyes open my stomach feels hollow and empty. I haven’t been eating more than normal this week because the rest of the day I don’t feel EXTRA hungry…just first thing in the morning. This is a new feeling. After I ran Hood to Coast last year (my last big event) I had an insatiable hunger for about 10 days after Hood to Coast. It was like I was a bottomless pit that could not be satisfied. I haven’t noticed that with the Century this year. Speaking of Hood to Coast, this year is the 30th anniversary! Good luck to everyone that’s running it this week!


A well-deserved rest day. I’d had a recovery swim and a recovery ride. Now rest! And food. Lots of food. Dinner was back to the normal foods: healthy chicken, a salad and steamed veggies.

On the salad were fresh tomatoes from our garden! They are tiny and adorable. The ubiquitous food p0rn shots:

Attack of the KILLER TOMATO! Looks huge doesn’t it?

They are actually pretty tiny. But tasty! And perfect salad toppers. They were sweet and perfect.

I love that the tomatoes are starting to ripen. I see lots of tomatoes in our meals soon!

QUESTION: How to you curb the hunger after a big event?



Keeping it Balanced

Friday night I headed to the pool and went for a nice, long swim. My legs are finally back to normal after the Crossfit workout last weekend. I enjoyed swimming, and this time didn’t wear my Heart Rate Monitor. I knew that I was burning about the same amount of calories as the last few times (400) based on the intensity of the workout and the time I did it in. I really only use the heart rate monitor in the pool to “check in” with myself on occasion.

After swimming I got changed and went out to dinner with my good friend Erika! We went to the new restaurant and pub called the Hawthorne Hophouse. It had really good reviews online.

It was a cute little hole-in-the-wall on SE Hawthorne (a very trendy area of town). I was expecting it to be super crowded and busy since it was a Friday night but we got seats with no problem and honestly it wasn’t that crowded. I was surprised there were empty tables.

Erika and I got a private table and we were able to catch up. I wasn’t sure what beer I wanted to get so I had a few samples.

That was a little tiny shot glass sample of an Pale Ale. I think it was Cascade Brewing Company but not sure. I don’t remember which beers I had now. I sampled a few and then decided on one of the Pale Ales. I guess the keg blew half way through my pour so the waitress gave me a half beer for free. Free is good!

The waitresses were all really nice and friendly. I liked the service we got there a lot. I was hungry after my swim so I ordered dinner. I was GOOD and skipped the Mac n’ Cheese, even though it sounded really good, and got the Pub Sausage. Beer braised sausage sliced thin, sauerkraut and stone-ground mustard, served on a freshly baked ciabatta roll. I had the option of substituting the fries for a salad and even though it was a hard decision (I kinda wanted those fries!) I made the right choice.

It had caramelized onions and melted cheese on the sandwich. It wasn’t anything fancy or complicated but it was delectable! I enjoyed the sandwich a lot (despite it arriving a crap-ton of calories with the bread). The salad had a vinaigrette dressing. I ordered another beer. This time it was “A Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’ Ale” from Lagunitas. It was delicious! Red and hoppy but not too strong. Erika didn’t like it but I ended up ordered a second one (in a smaller glass).

The beer was good. I would like to return there sometime and do a beer flight to sample a few different ones. Erika and I were at the restaurant from 7:30 until almost midnight! I am such a lightweight now that 3 beers in 4 hours gets me drunk! But it was nice to kinda let loose and just hang out with my good friend. We can talk for hours. We talked about a few other restaurants we want to try this summer because they have outdoor seating. It will be fun to be able to ride our bikes to the restaurant!

A quickie post, because Michael and I are heading out to do some biking and hiking today! I had a nice night with a friend, a good swim, yummy dinner and it was a great start to a good weekend!


QUESTION: What’s your favorite beer?