Busy Bee

In addition to hiking, biking, swimming, and going to a wedding during the long weekend…..

….I did a bunch of other things around the house during Labor Day, including lots of yard work.

My garden exploded from the 90+ degree heat.

I had so many tomatoes ripen at once I didn’t know what to do with them. I gave some to a coworker who said they were delicious (and they are–I eat them as snacks).

I made a lot of tomato salads over the weekend. After my swim on Sunday, I made a tomato/basil/mozzarella salad a long with baked salmon for lunch. Then for dinner we grilled up steaks, corn on the cob and I made another salad.

The salads for dinner were tomatoes, mozzarella and cucumbers this time. It’s time to find recipes for freezable tomato dishes!

I also have tons of zucchini. A friend gave me the great idea to shred and freeze it. So that’s what I did.

I shredded three zucchinis and froze about 3.5 cups of it. It will be great for this winter when I want to make things like zucchini bread or zucchini cakes. I have two bags in the freezer now. I will probably add a few more ziplocks by the end of summer. I mean, you can only eat so much zucchini!!

We also had a Groupon about to expire . We went to North Portland to the garden store to get some supplies. First I got over 2 pounds of Sluggo. I think I have enough to get me through for a few months.

Then I got 1 pound of bat guano fertilizer for the vegetable garden. It was expensive but primo.

Michael got the cheapo alfalfa fertilizer for our grass. It was like 50 cents a pound and he got 10 pounds. Hopefully this will restore our dying grass. I picked up a packet of lettuce seeds to see if I can start growing lettuce again for the fall. The lady at the garden store suggested I stagger planting the seeds by a few weeks. So as soon as the 90 degree weather calms down (I give it a week) I’ll plant the first batch of seeds mixed with the bat guano fertilizer. Yum, tasty, huh?

Add to the long list of weekend duties: car shopping for Michael and getting together with some friends to plan our weekend camping trip coming up. It will be nice to get away and not have to do chores/errands for a change. Now on to the fun stuff:

The giveaway winner is……………………Entry #2

BECKY P! Email me asap Becky and I’ll give you the promo code
and instructions.

QUESTION: If you have a vegetable garden, what do you do with all the EXTRA produce?

Weekend Update and a Wedding

I had a great weekend. It was a mixture of fun things and low-key laziness. Friday I biked home from work and Michael and I got a quick bite to eat before see Apollo 18. It was a good movie, scary and nothing like what I was expecting to see. It’s a shame the movie probably won’t make a lot of movie (the theatre was mostly empty) because it’s worth a see! Saturday we got in a scenic hike in The Gorge.

After our hike we got cleaned up and drove out to Hillsboro for Michael’s friends’ wedding.

The wedding was at McMenemin’s Cornelius Pass Barn at Imbrie Hall. It was a beautiful day for a wedding, warm and sunny.

The wedding was outside the barn. I loved the setting! It was rustic, with trees all around, bark on the ground and candlelight everywhere. It was gorgeous–and the colors were ones I always thought about having for my wedding someday. I love sunflowers and the red flowers.

We wandered around the wedding before it started, enjoying a glass of wine and beer and then sat down for the ceremony.

I was wearing my new dress, new shoes and new necklace. I love my new dress!

The wedding started a bit later. Her dress was gorgeous!

The ceremony was short and sweet. They looked adorable up there! So in love. After the ceremony was over, it was cocktail hour while the attendants moved the chairs and tables outside for dinner.

During cocktail hour there was a photo booth! With props! It was so much fun. The photo booth took four photos and duplicated them so we could take some home. The other set was glued into a scrapbook for the couple and we got to sign the book with a message. It was such a fun idea. I loved it!


We had some fun with the photo booth. 😉 I need a pair of these glasses for my day to day life.

After cocktail hour we all sat at our prospective tables to get ready for dinner. It was buffet and the food was exceptional for a buffet. Michael and I both agreed that it was all delicious. McMenemin’s food is often mediocre or at best, average. I’m dying to know if they used a separate caterer or if McMenemin’s has just gotten better.

It was finally our table’s turn to go through the buffet line. I have to admit, I was pretty hungry! I hadn’t eaten much that day and was ready for yummy food!

Caesar salad, vegetarian lasagna, raw veggies with some dip, fresh fruit, a slice of roast, one roll and a few raviolis. Everything tasted so good! And not just because I was hungry from our hike.

I had a few glasses of McMenamin’s white wine during the evening. It was a nice, crisp drink on a hot summer night.

The couple made the rounds chatting and Michael got to catch up a bit with the groom.

The whole wedding was just beautiful. The colors, the location, the speeches everyone made were heartfelt and lovely. You could really tell that they are a happy, in love couple. It was so sweet. I was glad we could be included in their big day.

There were the speeches and then the cake cutting. The cake was adorable. It was rustic and made to look like the nature theme the rest of the decorations were like.

They had a bunch of pies and other treats too for dessert. I had a small bite of cake and an eclair for dessert. It was yummy!

It was a really, really lovely night. 🙂

Congratulations to the happy couple! May their lives together be wonderful and long-lived.

QUESTION: Favorite wedding feature?