The Quest for the Best Burger – Part 2

The Quest for the Best Burger in Portland – Part 2

After biking 38 miles around sunny Portland on Sunday–including crashing my bike–we had calories up the wazzoo. I’d burned 1788 and Michael did over 2500! We were tired, some of us were bruised, and we were both craving a burger.

I suggested we check out Laurelhurst Market. A new(ish) trendy spot that is often hard to get into. The reviews of this place are all stellar. We cleaned and drove to Burnside. The evening was warm and sunny. I think I clean up nicely. 🙂 This is me after biking almost 40 miles:

The place was packed but we were seated immediately. The restaurant is also a meat market one side. I bet the meat there is great!

The place was typical Portland trendy– upscale looking, hipster and industrial. Very cool. There were a few bistro tables outside but they were full.

I ordered a glass of Sangiovese/Cabernet. It was a mellow red wine with a lingering after taste of black licorice. It wasn’t overpowering though, which is good because I’m not a huge fan of black licorice (or fennel) honestly.

For some reason the wine did nothing, no buzz — nothing! I wonder if I just metabolized it super fast because of biking 38 miles? I am such a lightweight than 1 glass of wine is totally buzz-invoking. Hmmm mysterious. We ordered the burgers. They arrived pretty quickly too! I was impressed because it was so busy. The staff was all professional and pleasant–very nice experience.

The burgers were amazing. And not just because we biked for 3.5 hours and we were famished.

The bacon complimented the burger nicely. The meat was delicious and juicy (and messy). The cheese was delicious, the bun was buttery and had garlic aioli sauce on it. Everything about this burger was AWESOME. I ate the burger in less than 2 minutes I think. 🙂  The fries were really good too but I didn’t eat very many of them.

The burger ruled. I woke up the next day thinking about that burger. My belly was happy! So how would I rate this burger in my quest for the Best Portland Burger?


1) Slow Bar

2) Laurelhurst

3) Gruner

4)  Foster Burger

After dinner Michael wanted dessert. I said I’d split something with him but I definitely couldn’t eat something on my own. The burger sit heavy in my stomach. A friend recommended a dessert joint about 6 blocks from Laurelhurst so we headed there.

I had never heard of Alder Pastry and Dessert but it was cute! It’s right next to the Matador Mexican restaurant on Burnside. Loved the dessert!

We split the Chocolate Caramel Tart. It had salted caramel inside.

I’m so glad we split this. It was rich and I never could have eaten it all by myself. It was so good! I washed it down with a cup of nonfat milk. Perfect.

I was so exhausted after the bike ride and the heavy dinner that we got home around 8pm and I went right to bed. I finished reading one of my books until my eyes grew heavy. It was a good day!

QUESTION: Do you ever split dessert?

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  1. YAY! so glad you loved it! (when I make recommendations I am always wanting them to turn out well, of course!). I’m happy in this case it was a hit – being one of my favorite restaurants in town. 😀

    you should watch the menu online for the pimento cheese burger, or call and ask when the guys are adding it back to the menu… it really is stellar!

    have a great week, Lisa!

    1. It was so good! Thank you for the recommendation. I want to return and try their steaks. We have some family coming to town and I bet we end up taking them there…

      I really want to try the pimento cheese burger!

  2. Hubs and I ALWAYS split dessert. It’s a great way to get something sweet but not have to worry about all the calories from a full dessert. Yum!

    If I ever visit Portland, I am enlisting you for food recommendations. You eat at wonderful places!

    1. We almost always split dessert. I never feel guilty about indulging when we do!

      I will definitely give you a list of restaurant faves if you ever visit. And good hikes too! 🙂

  3. Super cute dress, where from?

    High five on not liking black licorice or fennel. Nasty!

    Now Red Vines…those are another story.

    You’re a big tropper for making it out to dinner. I think I would have fallen asleep right out of the shower.

    1. I got the dress at Ross. I thought it would be a nice summer dress.

      I can eat black jelly beans but that’s it. Hate fennel! I even pick it out of my sausage. Yuck.

      I was very sleepy after the ride but the food gave me a second wind.

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