Long Weekends Are…

Long weekends are for fun. A time to recharge. It helps when the weather cooperates. Friday night I had a relaxing swim and then Michael and I chilled watching the last few episodes of “The Killing.” I thought it was a good show. It was slow moving in parts but it kept me interested. A lot of people didn’t like the finale but I liked it a lot! It was thought-provoking.

Saturday was a great day. I started it off with a butt-kicking in the gym. I would have preferred to run outside but I wanted to get in a good weight lifting session, so the treadmill it was. 4 miles and a couple dozen squats later, I was worn out:

The rest of Saturday afternoon was for chores like yard work. It wasn’t that bad though because the sun was out and it felt nice to be outside. Then we had some friends over for a pizza party.

I’m glad the pizzas turned out so great and that we were able to eat outside on the deck. It was a nice night, with a warm breeze and the occasional sound of fireworks. They brought Michael and I bottle of wine as a gift, which I’m really looking forward to trying! I forgot to ask if it was from her recent trip to France:

They also brought dessert. Vanilla Bean ice cream with my chocolate fudge and their caramel sauce: perfect for a warm night.

The weekend wasn’t all go-go-go. Sunday morning I slept in and snuggled with this guy:

He’s good at cuddles. Fat Kitty is a purring machine and that lulled me back to sleep for a bit longer. I skipped the pool on Sunday morning to go for a long bike ride with Michael.

QUESTION: How is your long weekend so far?